Travel Medicine Bag

Why choose a Medpac bag for your medication bag for travelling?

For holidays, business trips or just a weekend away - keep your medicines safe and organised in a Medpac. We have a whole range of options that are perfect for when travelling, including:

  • Large or small insulated Medpac - keep your medication cool 
  • Reusable gel cool packs - cut down on packing with our reusable pack 
  • Medpac active - our wearable Medpac is perfect for medicine storage when on the go 
"Well worth its money! This is a must for the EpiPen community! Arrived early and was used in a flight the following day and because of the pac it cut down the time in security. They noticed the colour photo and contents without the task of unpacking and placing contents into a plastic bag! Many thanks and a second order is on its way!"

Dr. C Evans, Amazon Review

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Medpac Small
Medpac Large
Medpac Midi

Medpac solutions for travelling with prescribed and emergency medication

At Medpac, we appreciate the importance of organisation when you’re on your travels, especially when medication is involved. Whether you’re preparing to go on a family holiday overseas, a business trip or a weekend away down the road, if you or your child has an illness or severe allergy requiring medicine to prevent or calm symptoms, you’ll want it to be easily accessible in an emergency.

Our Medpacs provide an ideal solution to store and protect all the essential medication you may need on your travels. Designed in a highly visible orange, your Medpac will be easy to spot in handbags, rucksacks and suitcases should you need it immediately.

Versatile medical storage for holidays and business trips

Our Large Medpacs are large enough to house everything from inhalers and Epipens to insulin and antihistamines, while our Small Medpacs are lightweight and can be attached to belts, rucksacks and changing bags using its sturdy metal clip. All Medpacs also feature ID and Treatment Cards, helping to identify medical treatments to members of the public and paramedics in an emergency.

If you’re going on an action-packed family holiday, you can keep all necessary medical equipment close by with our Medpac Active. This handy waist bag is manufactured using water-resistant neoprene and comes with a fully adjustable strap for complete comfort on the go.

Medpac: The UK’s practical travel medication storage experts

Our British-designed and manufactured medicine carry cases are the simplest, most organised storage solution. Keep your prescribed or emergency medication to hand at all times on your holidays.

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