Diabetes medical bags

Insulated Medpacs provide a portable and durable solution for storing diabetic medications, complete with photo ID card and treatment card.

"When my father was suddenly rushed into hospital, having all his diabetes medication with him in a Medpac saved time for hospital staff and allowed him to be treated more efficiently"

Lynne, Chelmsford

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Medpac solutions for diabetics

At Medpac, we appreciate the challenges that newly-diagnosed diabetics face with controlling their blood sugar levels. Avoiding hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic attacks is an important part of maintaining a stable, healthy lifestyle. Understanding how your body works and how to control the amount of glucose in your blood stream is vital to prevent life-threatening symptoms from occurring.

Whether you’re seeking diabetic medication holders for yourself or your child, it’s important to have solutions that are proven to offer peace of mind and organisation in the event of diabetic shock. Our Small and Large Insulated Medpacs are designed to be large enough to house blood sugar level testing kits, insulin pens and insulin that can be controlled at necessary temperatures for use in your hour of need.

Accessible emergency medication storage for diabetic shock

Hypoglycemic reactions can occur within a matter of minutes. If you or another responsible adults needs access to your insulin to be administered and ease diabetic shock, our Medpac carry holders are each designed in bright orange. This makes them easy to find in a bag or a busy office or classroom.

Should the worst happen and you or your child are unable to explain that you’ve gone into hypoglycemic shock, our Medpacs also contain ID and Treatment Cards to document your medical condition and outline what to do in a medical emergency. Our Medpac Wristbands can also alert colleagues, school staff and even random members of the public to your condition.

Medpac: The UK’s practical diabetes medication storage experts

Our British-designed and manufactured medical storage solutions for diabetics are affordable and hard-wearing for consistent use at home, at school or on the move.

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