Medication storage tips for travelling with children on your summer holidays

The summer holidays are some of the most precious times you will spend with your children. It’s a chance for your little ones to experience new hobbies and cultures and the perfect bonding opportunity with you, their parents. If you are preparing to go on your family holidays in the coming weeks and one of your children requires prescribed or emergency medication to guard against a medical condition, it doesn’t need to be a stressful experience.

At Medpac, our whole philosophy is about making lives simpler for those needing to transport medication. Whether it’s to school, on residential trips or family holidays, we’ve designed a range of medication storage solutions that are practical, visible and accessible at all times.

Medpac’s founder, Jayne Tarrant, was fed up of having to use an old makeup bag to store her daughter’s Epilepsy medication. So, she devised a host of medicine carry cases to solve the problem for her daughter and thousands of other youngsters. The storage solutions below will make packing your child’s medication a breeze this summer:

  • Choose an insulated Medpac to help regulate medication temperatures
    Each insulated Medpac we provide features a thermal lining, designed to help regulate the temperature of medication such as insulin. It is particularly effective when used in tandem with one of our Reusable Gel Cool Packs. Their roomy interior is spacious enough to house plenty of equipment such as Volumatic spacers, Epipens and peak flow meters, as well as inhalers and blood sugar level testing kits.

  • A Medpac Active is the ideal activity or excursion companion
    Your child’s medical condition doesn’t have to be a barrier between staying in and enjoying new experiences on holiday. Our Medpac Active is the ideal waist bag, featuring a fully adjustable strap and enough storage space for Epipens, inhalers or even a smartphone. You may choose to wear it if you’re out with them, or you can fasten it to them if they are old and responsible enough to look after their own medication.

  • Be prepared for bumps in the road with Twist and Seal Sickbags
    It’s not much fun being travel sick. Whether you have a lengthy coach ride to your holiday resort, or you’re heading out in the hire car with the kids on a daily excursion, it’s a good idea to have a batch of Twist and Seal Sickbags to hand that self-fasten once full.

  • Make sure you fill out their ID & Treatment Cards
    Each Medpac comes with an ID Card and a Treatment Card, designed to provide easy identification of your child and vital information on how to administer their medication in an emergency. Make sure these cards are filled out completely before your holiday for peace of mind.

  • On the whole, our products aim to help parents by helping them organise the medication, keep it cool if necessary and offer peace of mind for a happy holiday!


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