Medicine pouches & pill pouches for University

Medpac bags are the perfect way to store vital medication at university. The bags are durable, secure and highly visible - vital so they can be spotted amongst the mess!

With one of our unmissable Medpacs, you can enjoy peace of mind that your child’s medication is safe, secure and clearly identifiable.


"We have had two of the small Medpac bags for a while now and I would highly recommend them. I love the bright colour, it can be found quickly in my handbag!"

- Carla, Facebook Review 

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Medpac solutions for medication storage at university

Though university bound children might not appreciate a first aid kit at first, they certainly will when they need it! 

Create a university starter pack that gives them all of the basic first aid items in the event of an accident, such as plasters, TCP and cotton swabs. The hectic uni lifestyle might mean they’ll also appreciate a bunch of paracetamol, ibuprofen and Berocca to keep a lid on study morning hangovers (!). 

large insulated Medpac is the ideal storage solution, and - even better - it's safe and durable storage for Epi pens and asthma inhalers, as well as for specific medication for epilepsy and diabetes.

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