About our medicine bags & how we came about


Jayne and Jessica celebrating 10 years of Medpac

Medpac was born in 2011 when founder Jayne Tarrant’s daughter Jessica was suffering from Epilepsy when she started school.

In Jayne's words -

"The idea for Medpac was born from a personal need! When my daughter was diagnosed with a condition that required her to carry medicine with her at all times, I was  suddenly faced with the challenge of what to put it in. 

As well as needing to carry it with us at all times, the school needed a set with photo ID and a treatment plan. 

After using an old make-up bag that I embarrassingly handed over at parties and clubs, I soon began to realise I was not alone and so I sat at my kitchen table and designed something that would fulfil all the requirements that I deemed necessary at the time."

Jayne had to ensure that Jessica always had her emergency medication with her. On top of that she also had to make sure that any teachers or staff members knew that it was for Jessica alone and how to administer it. Jayne eventually decided an old make up bag was not ideal and furthermore realized she was not alone in this, and started to research a potential market both in terms of demand and the types of medication people need to carry with them. 

Designing Medpac

Jayne created four prototypes before settling on the final design. She did extensive research into what kinds of conditions people suffer with, what medication is needed, where people often need to transport medication and school medicine storage policies. 

To suit the many uses that we could identify for Medpac, the finished product had to be:

  • Easy to find in the bottom of a bag/classroom/sports club etc
  • Easy to identify who the medicine belonged to in an emergency
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Affordable

And so, Medpac was born!

Since then, Medpac has won the Achieve Magazine Health & Support Services Award 2016, they were the overall winner in the All Other Resources category for the Primary Teacher Update Awards 2015 and they were the overall winner in the childcare category for the Practical Pre-School 2016 award.

In the future, Jayne hopes to develop the range of Medpacs to further meet customer’s needs and she always loves to hear from people about their medication transportation requirements.


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