Medicine carry bag for regular medications

"Medpac provides the perfect solution for storing regular prescription medicines for any condition, assisting with keeping them organised and helping to ensure you don't forget them".

Mrs Sellens, Kent

"I suffer from MS and take a variety of medication throughout the day. The Large Medpac allows me to store everything together in one place so it is easy to pick up and take with me wherever I go, also the bright colour makes it easy to spot in my bag, suitcase or in the back of the car, a very useful product".
Janus, MS Sufferer, Colchester
"Having arthritis I need to take various tablets regularly and keep a record. My Medpac is a very convenient way to store tablets, records and of course my pen for making notes. Everything is to hand when needed whether I am at home, travelling or on holiday".
Michael, Arthritis Sufferer, Swindon
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Medpac solutions for storing prescription medication

At Medpac, we understand the importance of keeping up-to-date with prescribed medication for treating any kind of condition or illness. With so much going on in your everyday life it is vital that your medicines are stored safely and securely and are organised to make them easily administered and hard to forget. That’s why we developed a great range of Medpacs that are easy enough to take with you, wherever you go.

The bright-orange carry cases make your prescription medication easy to spot in a jam-packed handbag or in the boot of your car. Our Small and Large Medpacs are even designed with insulated inner linings, capable of keeping medication regulated at cool temperatures at all times.

Organised and accessible storage for prescribed medicines

Let Medpac take the time and stress out of administering your daily medication with our Pill Organisers. With individual pop-shut lids for each day, you can pop all your daily tablets and pills into daily compartments and enjoy life, safe in the knowledge that your medical needs are covered.

Don’t let your prescriptions stop you from leading an active lifestyle. Our Medpac Active storage solution can fit neatly around your waist, allowing you to keep tablets, inhalers, pens and even smartphones inside a bag that’s made of water-resistant neoprene.

Medpac: The UK’s practical prescription medication storage experts

Our British-designed and manufactured carry cases are tailor-made for prescribed regular medications. The Medpac range is affordable and durable for everyday use at work, at school or even on the go.

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