Skiing? Don't let your meds get cold!

When we think of medication and the environment, we tend to only consider whether or not certain medications are getting too hot. But what about during the winter and moreso when you go skiing?

Ensuring you have your emergency and prescription medication with you on the slopes is essential, and so is ensuring it doesn't get too cold.

Our Medpac Active is the perfect solution. Made from tough, flexible and durable black Neoprene like parts of top quality wetsuits are, the waist belts can fit in a surprising amount of medication meaning that you can ski with your mind at ease and no bulgy skiing jacket pockets.

An Epipen should not be exposed to direct sunlight or very cold temperatures. Although our Medpac Active is not insulated our Small Insulated Medpac is. It’s small enough and has a strong material loop on it to be able to attach a carabiner onto it and your trousers, jacket or bag. It’s ideal for regulating the temperature of your Epipen when skiing and keeping it out of direct sunlight.

So whether going on a family ski holiday or a school ski trip, make sure you are fully prepared.

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