Skiing? Don't let your meds get cold!

When we think of medication and the environment, we tend to only consider whether or not certain medications are getting too hot. But what about during the winter and moreso when you go skiing?

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with an illness or you’re a long-time sufferer, a health condition such as diabetes or asthma shouldn’t restrict you from doing the things you love.

As we approach the festive season and the cold winter months, it’s possible that you’re thinking of booking a ski trip overseas in Central Europe. France, Switzerland and Austria each have hugely popular ski resorts at this time of the year, but some skiing fanatics might be put off hitting the slopes due to concerns about accessing their medication when they need it most.

However, as a Medpac customer, there are always ways to keep important medicines safe, organised and accessible always. Let’s take a look at some of our solutions to carry your essential medication on a skiing holiday. Once you’ve used them once you won’t be able to imagine travelling without them again!

Medpac Active

If you are planning a winter sports holiday on the slopes, a Medpac Active could be your best friend. Made of a durable, waterproof neoprene material, this 18x8cm bag comes with a fully adjustable strap that can fit comfortably around your waist while you ski. It is deep and wide enough to contain an Epipen or Jext pen, as well as an asthma inhaler and a smartphone. Each Medpac Active contains a free ID and Treatment Card so, in the event you encounter an emergency and are unable to administer your own medication, someone else will be able to determine your condition and take the right action.

Medpac Drawstring Bag

Now you can carry multiple medication on your back whilst you ski thanks to our Medpac Drawstring Bags. They are designed to hold multiple Medpacs for you and your family, keeping them visible and accessible in your moment of need. These bags can’t just house Medpacs, they can also hold our Pill Boxes and Twist & Seal Sick Bags for those who struggle with altitude on the slopes.

Tap2Tag Wristbands

If you’re out on the slopes and enjoying the snow when a medical emergency occurs, you might not be in the position to let first-responders or paramedics know your condition. But thanks to the supremely comfortable Tap2Tag Medical Wristbands you can disclose sensitive medical information to any medic or passer-by. They must have a smartphone or internet-enabled device to access the information using NFC technology. It’s a chance to provide information that could potentially save your life when you’re incapacitated and unable to speak for yourself.

Small Insulated Medpac

If you’re a diabetic on the slopes, it’s vital that your vital insulin is kept at a constant temperature while you ski – or maybe even snowboard! The Small Insulated Medpac features a thermal lining to regulate the temperature of relevant medication. Its hard-wearing metal clip can attach your Small Medpac to a belt loop, rucksack or changing bag to keep it with you whichever direction you venture with your skis.

There’s a reason why our medicine storage products are award-winners – they are 100% practical and save lives at home, work, school or on your winter holidays.

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