What fits in my Medpac

What size medpac do I need for my medication? is a question that we get asked frequently. We hope that the clips below will help inform you in making the right choice.

A large Medpac is large enough to fit a full size Volumatic spacer, an inhaler, two Epipens or Jext pens and a 150ml bottle of Piriton syrup. 

A small Medpac can fit two Epipens, a 150ml bottle of Piriton syrup, spoon and an inhaler for allergies.

A small Medpac can fit two Jext pens (one in case), an Aero Chamber Plus and an inhaler for allergies and asthma. 

A Medpac Active will accommodate two Epipens/Jext pens and an inhaler for those on the run.

A midi Medpac is large enough for 2 Emerade autoinjector pens, a small Aero Chamber, an asthma inhaler and a 150ml bottle of Piriton syrup. 

Place coolpack in fridge or freezer to get cold, depending what temperature your medication needs to be. (Please note freezing will make the gel pack solid so ensure you can freeze it in the Medpac to ensure it fits). Once cold add to Medpac, and place medication on top. 

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