What fits in my Medpac

What size medpac do I need for my medication? is a question that we get asked frequently. We hope that the clips below will help inform you in making the right choice.

A large Medpac is large enough to fit a full size Volumatic spacer, an inhaler, two Epipens or Jext pens and a 150ml bottle of Piriton syrup. 

A small Medpac can fit two Epipens, a 150ml bottle of Piriton syrup, spoon and an inhaler for allergies.

A small Medpac can fit two Jext pens (one in case), an Aero Chamber Plus and an inhaler for allergies and asthma. 

A Medpac Active will accommodate two Epipens/Jext pens and an inhaler for those on the run. 

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