Epipen storage bags for all allergies

The Small Insulated Medpac is ideal for storing 2 x Jext Pens, Epipens or Emerade pens, and there is still room for an asthma inhaler and a bottle of antihistamine. Affordable, portable and complete with photo ID card.

William has a severe nut allergy and therefore has to carry an Epipen with him at all times. At school they keep one permanently but they require it to be easily identified as they hold medication for a number of children in the school. We also have to take it to tennis, swimming, parties and generally everywhere we go. The Medpac is ideal as it holds up to two Epipens and is easy to find when needed in a sports bag or rucksack. The school love the photo ID feature and I love the wristband as it offers additional peace of mind in situations such as a busy swimming pool or party.

Catherine & William, Colchester

Great thanks, perfect for keeping adrenaline pens safe and avoid losing them

Matthew, Bristol

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Medpac solutions for allergy sufferers

At Medpac, we appreciate the everyday difficulties people face when dealing with extreme and potentially life-threatening allergies. Medpac’s founder, Jayne Tarrant, suffered from anaphylaxis in her teens and early twenties. She is acutely aware of the need for accessible, portable and visible storage solutions for allergy antihistamines, Epipens, Jext pens, Emerade pens and more.

That’s why we’ve designed a great range of purpose-built medication holders for people with severe allergies, young and old. It’s important for certain medications and pens to be stored at cool temperatures, which is why our Smalland Large Medpacs are available with insulated linings and enough space to store ID and Treatment Cards, which are of great assistance to schools in the event your child goes into anaphylactic shock.

Allergy medication holders for anaphylactic reactions

Whether you or your child is severely allergic to certain medications, stings from bees, wasps or hornets, peanuts, fish and shellfish or even latex, it’s vital that the emergency medication is close to hand for you or another responsible adult to administer the treatment for anaphylaxis.

Consequently, we’ve designed the Medpac Active to be big enough to store your vital allergy medication and antihistamines in a handy waist bag, complete with fully adjustable straps for complete comfort whatever you or your child are doing. If your child is just starting school or moving to a new one, a Medpac Wristband may also be beneficial to make other pupils and school staff aware of your child’s medical needs should they exhibit symptoms of anaphylaxis.

Medpac: The UK’s practical allergy medication storage experts

Our British-designed and manufactured storage solutions for children and adults with severe allergies are affordable, durable and intuitive. They are made for everyday use for youngsters at school and for adults at work or on the move.

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