Medicine travel bags for Epilepsy

Medpacs offer the perfect solution for medication that requires instant access in an emergency situation, complete with photo ID to ensure the correct medicine is being administered to the correct person.

"I recently developed Epilepsy and was prescribed emergency medicine in case I had a prolonged seizure while "out and about". I hadn't realised I needed to carry a syringe at all times, and although I wear a wristband and carry an ID card in my wallet I was not confident that someone would find the syringe in my inside pocket. So I googled looking for some sort of container and found Medpac. It is a really good solution, and easy to find should something happen to me. Thanks, just the job".

Laurence, Ireland

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Medpac solutions for Epilepsy sufferers

At Medpac, we understand the uncertainty that neurological conditions such as Epilepsy can cause on people young and old. Epileptic seizures, which are recurring episodes of sensory disturbance, can occur at any time and it’s vital that prescribed emergency medicines are at hand to be administered in such situations. Whether you’re seeking storage solutions for yourself at work or for your child at school, our Epilepsy medication holders are highly visible and easy to access should something happen to you or your child.

For some people diagnosed with Epilepsy, it can be a struggle making sure you have your medication in case of prolonged seizures. Some don’t realise the need to carry syringes around at all times to administer the medication either. That’s why our Small and Large Insulated Medpacs are ideal for storing everything from syringes and pills to ID and Treatment Cards.

Accessible emergency medication storage for epileptic seizures

Due to the immediacy of epileptic seizures, it’s vital that you, your child or any other responsible adult has easy access to emergency medication to be administered. Our insulated and non-insulated Small Medpacs have sturdy metal clips that can attach your Medpac to a belt loop, rucksack or even a changing bag.

The bright-orange colour of all Medpac epilepsy medication holders makes them easy to spot inside a bag in an emergency. If you require alternative ways to alert others of yours or your child’s condition, the Medpac Wristbands are a tell-tale sign for other responsible adults that medical attention may be required at any time.

Medpac: The UK’s practical Epilepsy medication storage experts

Our British-designed and manufactured storage solutions for epileptics are affordable and durable for everyday use at home, at school or on the go.

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