Our cool bag for medication, perfect for school

Medpac offers the perfect solution for keeping children's medication safe at school, and the photo ID card ensures the correct medicine is given to the correct child.

I was the stereotypical anxious mum when my daughter started school, and having her emergency medication stored safely as well as easily accessible in an emergency was just another stress, however Medpac offered the perfect solution, complete with the photo ID and treatment card. The school loved it so much, they now use them as standard in school

Julie, Bedford

Medpac scored an incredible 100% from the testing panel

Testing Panel, Primary Teacher Update Awards 2015

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Medpac solutions for your child’s medication at school

At Medpac, we understand the uncertainty and worry that parents go through when sending their children to school with illnesses or severe allergies. Although you can’t be there with them 24/7, you can make sure their prescribed and emergency medicines are visible and easily administered by your child or responsible school staff. 

By purchasing one of our instantly recognisable Medpacs you can enjoy peace of mind that your child’s medication is secure and clearly identifiable.

Why schools now use Medpacs for their pupils’ prescribed and emergency medication

A growing number of schools have been so impressed in the build quality and features of our Medpacs that many have started using them as standard too. They are particularly useful for schools planning residential trips, requiring well-organised medication storage for classes to ensure the correct medication is administered to each pupil.

The Medpac Wristbands also prove exceptionally popular for school pupils to wear on the premises and on school trips, raising awareness of a child’s medical needs should emergency symptoms occur. Medpac Actives are also beneficial for pupils to wear when out and about on day trips, keeping inhalers and Epipens close to hand. This can provide peace of mind for your child as well as you, allowing them to enjoy their experiences without fear.

Medpac: The UK’s practical children’s medication storage experts

Our British-designed and manufactured medication holders make it easy for children and responsible adults at school to locate prescription and emergency medicines to be administered when necessary.

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