Travel medicine pouch for residential trips

Medpac offers an easy solution to ensure you have all your medication with you on a day out.

"Medpac helps me get on with my life hassle free"

Gwen, Birmingham


"When visiting my daughter, I always take my Medpac so I don't forget a vital tablet"

Lynn, Bristol

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Medpac solutions for school residential trips and days out

At Medpac, we want people young and old to be able to enjoy their days out without the fear of having a medical emergency. Whether your child needs a suitable storage solution for their medication to take on a weekend school trip or you want a dependable holder for your vital tablets on an upcoming coach holiday, our Medpacs can help.

Even our Small Medpacs are big enough to house asthma inhalers, Epipens, insulin pens, antihistamines, tablets or creams, ready for whenever you need them. The Small Medpacs are also light enough to walk around attached to your belt loop or rucksack, with a sturdy metal clip making it easy to connect for your day out exploring.

Emergency and prescription medicine storage for children and the elderly

Residential trips don’t have to be out of bounds for kids or retired people with medical conditions. Whether you suffer from severe allergies, require periodic insulin for your diabetes or just want antihistamines to keep that hayfever at bay, our sturdy and splash-proof Medpacs ensure you always have your prescribed or emergency medication nearby.

If you enjoy walking or practical excursions, you can keep moving with your medicine intact thanks to our Medpac Active that can be fastened securely around your waist, allowing you to continue your favourite hobbies.

Medpac: The UK’s practical medication storage experts for excursions

Our British-designed and manufactured medicine holders are made to be easily visible and accessible in handbags or rucksacks in the event of a medical emergency. By having your Medpac by your side on a day out, you can relax and enjoy your new experiences in the knowledge that everything is close to hand when you need it.

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