Medicine kit bag for sports groups

Prevent the panic of being unable to find your medication on the sports field or an after-school club, keep it in a Medpac.

Medpacs are made of brightly coloured, durable material, meaning they're easy to spot and can be kept behind the sidelines of the pitch.

“I suffer from asthma and always have to have my asthma inhaler nearby, especially when on the rugby field. I now keep it in my Medpac on the bench so it is easy to find and grab if I need it. The Medpac is also useful at work because it keeps my inhaler dust free and makes it easier to see in my bag”.

Duane, Beccles

"My Medpac is easy to find amongst all the kit bags"

Georgina, Ipswich

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Medpac solutions for after school clubs and sports teams

At Medpac, we want people to be able to enjoy activities and play sports without the fear of having a medical emergency. Whether you’re on the football pitch, squash court or at an after-school club, having one of our Medpacs close by will allow you, your child or another responsible adult to administer medication whenever it’s needed.

We already supply sports teams and schools with Medpacs suitable for storing inhalers, Volumatic spacers, Epipens, insulin, antihistamines and much more. The bright orange colour of all our medicine carry cases ensures they are visible on the touchlines and amongst kit bags.

Prescribed and emergency medicine storage for active people

Our Medpacs are suitable both for those who need to periodically administer prescribed medication for an illness or have emergency medicine on stand-by in case of developing life-threatening symptoms due to a severe allergy. Ultimately, we aim to provide peace of mind for active children and adults, allowing you to carry on and enjoy your favourite sporting activities.

Our Medpac Active also allows you to keep your medication by your side even while you’re on the move. With a fully adjustable strap, you can keep this lightweight yet water-resistant bag around your waist, ideal for runners, cyclists and those out walking the dog.

Medpac: The UK’s practical medication storage experts for athletes and sports clubs

Our British-designed and manufactured medication holders are highly visible and easily accessible even if you require an inhaler or Epipen mid-game. You never know when you might need your medicine, so leave one of our Medpacs on the sidelines as the ideal back-up plan.

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