Medication bag for respite care

Medpac offers a great solution to keep all your medications together complete with photo identification when you stay away.

"Medpac offers peace of mind, great for my emergency stuff"

Laura, Diss


"Milly brings all her epilepsy medication in a medpac when she comes to stay for a weekend, the bright orange colour is great for remembering to take it with you at all times"

Sharon, Carer in Suffolk


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Medpac solutions for people in respite care or on respite holidays

At Medpac, we understand the importance of respite care. Whether you’ve had a recent hospital stay or an illness, a period of convalescence can help you regain some confidence with 24-hour nursing care. Furthermore, it can provide a break from caring for your loved ones. When planning a respite break, the last thing you want is to be worrying about your medication. That’s why we designed our Medpacs to keep all prescribed and emergency medicines in one safe place, whenever you need it.

The Large Medpac is large enough to house a variety of medication and accessories at once. From Epipens and insulin pens to Volumatic spacers and peak flow meters, it can all be stored in this lightweight case, with a zip around three sides of the bag for easy access to its contents. All Medpacs come with ID and Treatment Cards as standard, allowing you to store clear instructions on your treatment plan, and how to administer your medication in an emergency, safely inside your Medpac.

Visible and accessible medicine holders for peace of mind on short-term respite breaks

Whether it’s a fortnight away on a respite holiday or a change of scene for a weekend, our Medpacs make it easy to transport your medication. Their bright orange colour makes it visible in travel bags or on bedside tables, providing a timely reminder to take your prescribed medication.

Our handy Pill Organisers can also keep you up-to-date with your daily tablets, with eight pop-shut lids displaying each day of the week, as well as a spare lid for additional tablets such as antihistamines or painkillers. If you are out and about on a respite holiday, a Tap2Tag Wristband may also come in handy, allowing paramedics or first-responders to access your essential medical information in an emergency whilst you are away from home.

Medpac: The UK’s practical medication storage experts for convalescents

Our British-designed and manufactured medicine holders are designed to give those convalescing in respite care complete reassurance that their prescribed and emergency medication is in one place. Each of our medication carry cases make it easy for patients and carers to access and administer medicine whenever necessary.

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