What is a Medpac?

Medpacs are hard-wearing, affordable, easily stored and highly visible storage solutions suitable for a wide range for medicines and medical equipment. Designed in the UK, Medpacs are engineered to be versatile, and are as well-suited for children to take to school, as they are hospital stays, family day trips - or just day to day use!

Medpac Starter Pack

A Medpac is a bright orange bag with a zip around three sides that stores medication and has a window on the outside where the owner’s Medpac ID card and photo slots in.  Sturdy, secure and lightweight Medpac allows you to carry your medication with you at all times. The easily identifiable bags safely store medicine and help ease the worry that in an emergency situation someone would not easily find the medication and/or know how to administer it.

Medication Storage Bag

Why orange, and what are the ID cards for?

Founder, Jayne, chose the colour orange because she wanted something bright and easy to find in an emergency that was not related to first aid (red and green) or gender specific (pink and blue.) Given that she’s half Dutch, bright orange worked and has proven to be a success!

The bright orange colour makes the Medpac easy to find in an emergency and the Medpac photo ID card allows the Medpac to be easily identified to the owner who may be unable to do so themselves in an emergency situation; an ID card is a visual way of ensuring you have the correct medication for the correct person and so simple.

The Medpac treatment card stored inside gives you the opportunity to add all vital information and a care plan, therefore allowing the medicine to be administered as quickly as possible.

What sizes do they come in?

Medpacs come in several sizes, large, midi, small and active. With the large and small Medpacs there are also large insulated and small insulated bags to choose from depending on whether certain medication needs to be kept at a certain temperature.

The small and large Medpacs are made of sturdy and splash proof nylon material and the Medpac Actives are made from neoprene; a waterproof tough synthetic rubber that is used in things such as wetsuits, laptop sleeves and washing up gloves as an alternative to latex.

Medpac is used by schools, parents, grandparents, nurseries, prisons, care homes, diabetics, allergy sufferers, asthmatics, epileptics, cancer sufferers and elderly people requiring regular medication.

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