Medicine storage bag for hospital stays

Whether a planned hospital stay, or an emergency, make sure you have your regular prescription medicines packed in a Medpac, complete with photo ID card.

"When my father was suddenly rushed into hospital, having all his diabetes medication with him in a Medpac saved time for hospital staff and allowed him to be treated more efficiently"

Lynne, Chelmsford


"Prior to going into hospital for a routine operation, I ordered a Medpac to store all my regular prescription meds, that way I knew I wouldn't forget anything"

Pat, Romford


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Medpac solutions for planned and emergency hospital stays

At Medpac, we appreciate the stress incurred with a stay in hospital, whether it’s planned or not. Whether it’s a routine operation or a medical emergency, it’s important that you have all your essential and preventative medication to hand in hospital. Not only does it save time for hospital staff to understand your condition(s) it also allows you to be treated quicker.

Each Medpac available comes with an ID Treatment Card, allowing you to detail any pre-existing medical issues prior to your hospital stay. This can be vital for hospital staff in the event you are unable to communicate your condition verbally at the time. Our insulated Medpacs are ideal for housing diabetic medication to be kept in a refrigerated environment during your stay in hospital.

Tailor-made holders for prescription and emergency medicine

The roomy interiors of our Large Medpacs are designed to be able to house bulkier medicines or equipment, such as Volumatic spacers, inhalers, peak flow meters and Epipens. They are also made with a sturdy, splash-proof nylon material, ensuring all your medication is suitably protected whether you’re in your own room or on a busy ward.

If you are spending any length of time in hospital, it can be easy to lose track of time. Fortunately, our Pill Organisers can help inpatients stay up-to-date with their daily tablets, with individual daily compartments with pop-shut lids.

Medpac: The UK’s practical medication storage experts for routine and emergency hospital visits

Our British-designed and manufactured medication holders are made to be easily visible and accessible in the event of a medical emergency at hospital. By having your Medpac near your hospital bed or in the care of the ward’s nursing staff, you can be certain of having the medication you need; whether it’s periodic injections, daily pills or ad-hoc asthma inhalers.

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