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Tap2Tag® Wristbands (now reduced whilst stocks last)


A Tap2tag Medical® wristband helps first-responders and paramedics gain instant access to critical medical information in an emergency.

Using a mobile phone or any internet-enabled device any passer-by or medic can find out information the wearer has chosen to disclose via NFC technology; providing immediate and vital medical information.
This might include:
  • Name
  • Allergies
  • Medications they need
  • Known medical conditions
  • Potentially life-saving information
  • Emergency contact

No medical information is stored on the device itself. Each tag has a unique code, against which information is stored on a secure website. Please note this product contains silicone rubber.

The wrist band is comfortable to wear 24/7 and looks just like a charity band. I found it easy to register the products to the profile that I created, which allowed an incredible amount of information to be stored. - Eamonn G

Sizing Information

The Tap2Tag Medical wristband comes in six sizes (extra small, small, medium, large, extra large and XXL) measuring 141mm, 157mm, 173mm, 189mm, 204mm and 233mm in diameter respectively.  

To work out what size you need get a piece of string or flexible measuring tape and measure around your wrist.  If you are looking for 'casual' wear then choose a band slightly larger than your own wrist measurement.  If you want the snug and sporty look then simply choose a size slightly smaller. 

Technical information

The wristbands contain an NXP NTAG203 chip (168 bytes).  The chips are secured to prevent over-writing of the information, and any attempt to over write the data will invalidate the data and make the wristband inactive.  The wristbands have no internal source of power and rely on the NFC data transfer abilities of an NFC enabled device to access the information on the chip.

Delivery/returns costs are calculated when you complete your order. You can read more here.

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