The benefits of wearing medical wristbands

Medical wristbands that identify medical conditions such as allergies, diabetes, epilepsy and many others are saving lives every single day. That’s a fact. Millions of people across the globe suffer with health problems that can immediately render them unconscious or unable to clearly communicate their issues.

Their inability to relay specific medical treatments needed to first responders or members of the public can be the difference between life and death.

Medical alert bracelets and wristbands therefore provide a much-needed safety blanket to people with allergies and other conditions, helping to make others aware of your ailments, resulting in faster and more effective emergency treatment.

In fact, 95% of emergency responders and 75% of emergency room personnel now immediately check their patients for medical wristbands.

Prompt diagnosis and swift detection is often vital for reactions and attacks that require urgent attention. The smallest overlooked fact from your medical history could have a significant impact on your recovery from a reaction or attack.

Store your critical medical information on your wrist

We highly recommend Tap2Tag™ medical wristbands, which are increasingly used by first responders and paramedics to get a clear understanding of an individual’s critical information if they are unable to communicate due to a reaction or attack.

These wristbands are designed to allow medics or passers-by with smartphones or any other internet-enabled devices to scan their wristband via near-field communication (NFC) technology. By scanning the wristband, it’s possible to glean information on the wearer’s known medical conditions and allergies, the medications they require and any other potentially life-saving information that can assist paramedics and avoid costly errors.

You might think that a Tap2Tag medical wristband will appear ungainly and uncomfortable to wear daily, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are six sizes (ranging from extra small to XXL) to ensure you get the right fit.

It’s also important to note that no medical information is stored on the device itself. Each Tap2Tag wristband has a unique code, against which all medical information is stored on a secure website. The data is only unlocked to the user that makes the NFC connection to the wristband via a mobile device.

Make people aware of your child’s condition

It can be a worry for parents with children diagnosed with epilepsy, diabetes and other conditions that their medical needs are overlooked at school. If your child takes medication to school for periodic or emergency treatment, a Medpac Wristband should be an essential item; allowing teachers, fellow pupils and other school staff to identify at a glance that they are carrying medicine in a Small or Large Medpac.

These waterproof silicone wristbands can even be worn in the pool during swimming lessons, allowing lifeguards to administer treatment faster in an emergency. Their bright orange colour makes them easy to spot on your child’s wrist and stretches to allow for painless removal whenever necessary.

Put simply, anyone with a severe or chronic medical condition should wear some form of medical wristband. Most importantly, those with conditions that prevent them from expressing their treatments in the event of an attack or reaction can always store this vital data on their wrist. It’s just not worth the risk otherwise.

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