Medpac 'goes' Active

We are excited to launch our brand new Medpac Active's - for those who need to carry their medication while 'on the go'. The ideal solution for runners, cyclists, ramblers and even those of us just taking the dog for a walk!

The Medpac Active is made from tough, durable black neoprene, the same synthetic rubber component used in everything from deep sea divers’ dry suits to garden hosepipes.

The small and very transportable waist belt is comfortable to wear and can be adjusted to suit waist or hip size. And it can actually fit in a surprising amount of stuff for a little bag! It’s possible to get two Epipens of the Emerade or Jext type, one asthma inhaler, tablets such as painkillers or daily medication as well as glucose sweets and maybe even a mobile phone and some cash or a bank card.

It’s the perfect solution for those who have medical requirements but don’t want that to hinder their active lifestyle.


medpac active



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