Allergy-free advent calendars

If you have allergies, even celebrating customs such as advent can become complicated. But - there is no need to miss out! Companies seem to be waking up to the reality that millions of people in the UK are living with a diagnosed food allergy, and we have seen an amazing improvement in the range of allergy-free foods available in supermarkets. 

In order to make life easy, we’ve rounded up our favourite allergy-free advent calendars for those with nut allergies, gluten allergies and dairy allergies. 


Thanks to the rise in veganism, there are a whole host of dairy-free advent calendars to choose from! Holland & Barrett do a great one, but our favourite has to be the moo-free advent calendar, available to buy on Amazon, or at Waitrose and Sainsburys. 


In terms of value, Tesco’s ‘Countdown to Christmas’ advent calendar costs only 75p and had no gluten listed in the ingredients. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and Milky Bar advent calendars are also happily gluten-free, and are also available for coeliacs as they don’t have a ‘may contain wheat’ warning on the box. 


Admittedly, we found nut-free advent calendars the hardest to find, as nut-free factories seem few and far between! Thankfully, all Kinnerton chocolate is manufactured in a nut-free environment, and they have a great selection of advent calendars for all ages! 

Non-traditional advent calendars

One way to avoid potential allergens, is to explore non-chocolate alternatives to advent calendars...

Toy advent calendars

For youngsters with severe or complicated allergies, why not treat them to a toy advent calendar? John Lewis has a great range, including a Peppa Pig advent calendar, where you can find characters from the show and other accessories behind each door, or a Playmobil calendar, with a piece of Playmobil behind each door. 

Alcohol Advent calendars

For adults, there is a huge range of alcohol advent calendars - because nothing says Christmas like a miniature measure of gin every day! Iceland is currently selling a gin advent calendar for £50, Aldi is selling a wine advent calendar, or if you prefer Prosecco, there’s even a Prosecco calendar available on Amazon! 

Tea advent calendar 

If alcohol isn’t your thing - perhaps this herbal tea advent calendar would make an excellent replacement for a chocolate one? 

As ever, we always recommend checking the packaging of products, as sometimes ingredients lists do change! 

However you decide to celebrate the leadup to Christmas, we hope you have an excellent holiday season. Oh, and if you’re travelling - don’t forget to pack your Medpac!
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