School Starter Pack


Medpac School Starter Pack

  • The Medpac School Starter Pack is a selection of our bestselling products: 2 Large Medpacs, 2 Small Medpacs, a Medpac Drawstring Bag, 4 Medpac Wristbands (Small) and 5 Twist & Seal Sick Bags
  • The perfect solution to enhance your medicine storage/identity policy in school
  • All Medpacs come complete with Photo ID Card and Treatment Card to allow easy identification of correct medicine for correct pupil, saving vital time in an emergency
  • The Medpac Drawstring Bag allows you to carry multiple Medpacs on outings, school trips, sports events etc whilst keeping them visible and accessible
  • The Medpac Wristband allows pupils to be easily identified that require emergency medication for allergies, asthma, diabetes and epilepsy, which is a great aid to supply teachers, parent helpers and school trip/club organisers
  • The Twist and Seal sick bags allow accidents to be easily contained and disposed of in any situation


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