Top 5 Features to Look for in a Medicine Storage Bag

Not all portable medicine storage bags are made the same, and some will include features that may not be found in others. While all are designed for the specific purpose of storing medical supplies, not all will provide the right level of storage and protection that you need. Here are the five best features to consider when looking for portable medicine storage products.

1. Insulation

When choosing a portable medical bag it is important to consider how well it can keep medicines within a climate controlled environment. Many medical products are sensitive to extremes in temperature and humidity, and some may need to be kept at very low temperatures. If they are exposed to extreme conditions then the medicine could become less effective and expire quickly. Therefore, it is vital that the interior of the bag is well insulated to ensure the integrity of all its contents. This will also help reduce the risk of contamination that could result from exposure to outside environments.

2. Space

Depending on what type of medical supplies you need to carry, a portable medical bag needs to be large enough to be able to hold everything you need. If you are planning on going away or simply need an emergency medical bag on hand when outside the home, having enough room for any bottles, packets and boxes as well as any spares is crucial. Try taking some spare containers when shopping around for medical bags and test them out to see if they have enough space for your needs.

3. Durability

Your medical bag will go through a lot of wear and tear over its lifetime, so you want to be sure that the one you choose is built to last. Polyester and nylon are two excellent materials that will add strength and durability to your bag and protect the contents. In addition, consider other robust qualities such as scratch resistance, water resistance, UV shielding and antimicrobial layers. These will further protect your medical supplies while ensuring that the bag itself will not tear or become compromised.

4. Sealable

To ensure that the medical supplies you carry with you are not compromised by the external environment, the bag must be fully sealable. A good quality zip slider can make sure the contents of your bag are not exposed to any contaminants while also keeping them safe and secure within your bag. When combined with durable features such as waterproofing and antimicrobial shielding, you can keep your medical supplies in a sterile and safe environment until such time as you need to access them.

5. Purpose Built

Although it may be tempting to buy just any bag and use it for storing medical supplies, a good quality medical storage bag will be purpose built for the task. This includes separate compartments and holders for various kinds of medicines. For example, a Type 1 Diabetic will need a bag with compartments for carrying insulin, another for needles and another for glucose monitoring equipment. Purpose built bags will also have features such as space for Photo ID.


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