Safeguarding your Home against an Epilepsy Seizure


If you or a loved one are living with epilepsy, your home may feel like an obstacle course waiting to trip you up. But feeling overwhelmed is not a necessary side effect. This article should increase your confidence in your surroundings by shedding light on how to prevent injuries during a seizure.

General Home Safety

You could consider having a home safety evaluation, where a professional comes to you, or meeting with your doctor or nurse, to discuss advisable changes to be made in your home. Look out for corners, hard flooring and stairs.

Put simply, any source of heat is a potential fire hazard - ensure that you have functioning smoke alarms on every level of your home and avoid the unsupervised burning of candles or fires.


Watch out for sharp objects, fires and hard surfaces. Consider having motion sensor and timed devices as those will shut off automatically reducing the likelihood of burns and overheating.

First aid is always a good idea, and - if you do not have some under your belt - try taking some CPR and First Aid classes to learn the appropriate reactions in cases of choking or other emergencies.


Avoid a situation where yourself or the person concerned is performing DIY alone. Use equipment with in-safety measures, such as handle releases or safety guards over blades.


If you enjoy baths, go for it – but make sure that the water is shallow and that someone is at home to check up on you regularly. Avoid using curling irons, especially near water. And replacing all bathroom outlets with GFCI outlets is recommended.


Make sure that the bed is away from a wall and sharp objects, to reduce the chances of injury in the case of a seizure during sleep. You might consider padding the floor for extra protection.


To find out much more about how you can safeguard your home against injury during a seizure, read

Ensure that your documentation and medical history is available for others to find and read in the case of a seizure, such as on a medical ID bracelet.

Essentially, with the right measures in place, there is no reason that your home cannot be a place of warmth and comfort as it should be for anyone.


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