Preparing to go to University or College

For anyone starting or returning to college or university this term, things will be very different to previous years.

COVID-19 has rewritten the rule book for all of us, but for students expecting to experience their first taste of freedom, this will be especially difficult.

The list of essential items required to live independently for the first time is long, from kitchenware to a recipe book, bedding to a laundry bin, however don’t be let their prescription medication be overlooked.

For any student whether suffering from a long-term condition such as asthma, allergy, diabetes or epilepsy or a young person who just needs a supply of plasters, paracetamol and multi-vitamin tablets, a Medpac is the ideal storage solution.

Complete with photo ID to make it easy to find by fellow students in an emergency and a treatment card to write all the essential information required in an emergency including how to phone mum and dad!!

So consider adding a Medpac to your list of university/college essentials this term.

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