Medpac on the Radio!

In case you missed it, we were delighted to speak to radio stations across the country during World Health Week 2017 about Medpac, our products, and our story.

Now that the Christmas madness is over, we sat down with our founder and director Jayne to talk about her on-air experience!

Is this the first time you've featured on local and / or national radio?

I did an interview on BBC Radio Suffolk in 2013, but nothing on this scale!


What did you find most interesting about the experience?

Being in a radio studio in London was very impressive, but talking to the variety of hosts who all had slightly different questions and personal experiences was the highlight.


The formation of Medpac is quite a personal story for you, did it feel unusual to share that story with such a large audience?

The story is very personal but that is what makes me so passionate about the product!

I love sharing the story with as many people as possible to help spread the Medpac message in the hope that the products can help as many people as possible manage their medication better.


Do you have any tips for any other small business owners getting ready to make their first radio appearance?

Don’t be nervous. I just sat there and thought know one knows my product as well as I do, and this is a great opportunity to share it with a mass audience.


What does the next 12 months hold for Medpac?

To continue to spread the Medpac message so as many people as possible can benefit from the product, young and old, those with newly diagnosed medical conditions and those that have lived with a condition for a long time, individuals, parents and schools….

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