Medpac conquers the Three Peaks!

Amanda sent us a lovely note letting us know that Medpac bags have now conquered the Three Peaks, and how useful they were on the ascent(s)!

Amanda was climbing the Three Peaks raising money for St Elizabeth Hospice in Suffolk, who work hard to improve life for people with a progressive illness. Their work centres around individual needs, with specialist support wherever required; at home, in the community, or at the Hospice. Each year, the Hospice needs to generate £10.5million. 75% of this comes from the local community.

Receiving your stories is the most rewarding part of what we do, and we absolutely love hearing about the places in the world our Medpacs have been - especially when they’ve been used to help raise money for such a fantastic cause. Here’s Amanda’s story:

“Hi Jayne. Just to say thank you so much for the Medpacs. They really were amazing. We were heavily rained on solidly for about 11 hours. Everything we had was completely soaked - even our bags and waterproofs and boots! All except the Medpac contents! The first aid kit and my phone were completely dry! Amazing! One of our team is part of Suffolk Lowland Search and he was really impressed. Thanks again.”

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