The Medpac Back to School Guide - for Parents

Those summer holidays go all too quickly don’t they! No sooner have they finished the school year then you’re packing their school bags and buying new uniform for the next one.

Packing those bags needn’t be so daunting for children with medical conditions that may need medicine administered at school either routinely or in the event of an emergency.

Whether they’re asthma sufferers, diabetic or highly allergic, at Medpac we’ve got the ideal solutions to keep your children’s vital medication close at hand and make teachers, teaching assistants and friends aware of their condition; giving you genuine peace of mind throughout the school day.

For 2023, we have put together a back to school bundle to make it even easier to feel confident in your September planning!

back to school bundle1

Before the start of the autumn term, make sure you take a look at these highly practical medicine storage solutions for your little one:

  • Small insulated Medpac
    Includes a free Medpac photo ID card and Medpac Treatment card, which you can write all the info you need about your child, their medicine and treatment plan and any emergency phone numbers to call. The thermal lining of the small insulated Medpac regulates the temperature of any medication that must be stored at specific temperatures. A lightweight yet sturdy nylon pack, it can be attached to a belt loop, rucksack or changing bag with its hard-wearing metal clip.

  • Medpac Active
    If you can’t keep your little one still for more than a minute, our Medpac Active waist bag might be the ideal solution. With a fully adjustable strap, this water-resistant bum bag can go around your child’s waist and is large enough to hold an Epipen or Jext pen, an asthma inhaler and even a smartphone. With a free Medpac photo ID card and treatment card included, allowing you to write details of how to administer your child’s medication in an emergency, it’s a reliable item for your child to wear on school excursions and any occasion when they are away from home for a prolonged period.

  • Medpac wristband
    What better way for people to identify that your children carry medicine than our waterproof wristbands. It’s the easiest way for school staff and your child’s friends to recognise that your child carries medicine for themselves in a Medpac. The bright orange design is easy to spot in an emergency and the silicone wristband is designed to stretch, allowing for easy removal in an emergency.

At Medpac, we offer the ideal solutions for keeping your children’s medication safe and visible at school. For more information about our complete product range, please click here.

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