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As the back-to-school season approaches, both schools and parents play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition for children, especially those who require medication. Proper medicine storage for schools is paramount to ensure the health and safety of students.

Act Quickly with Medpac

With Medpac, parents and school staff alike can feel rest assured that not only are students’ medications stored appropriately and safely, it can be easily found and provides administration information so you can act quickly in time of need.

One crucial aspect of medicine storage for schools to consider is establishing a secure and accessible medicine storage system within schools. Medications should be stored in a designated, locked area, accessible only to authorised staff members. This storage space should meet safety and hygiene standards to prevent contamination and unauthorised access.

Trusted by Schools & Parents

Medicine storage for schools is a crucial component of ensuring the health and safety of students with medical needs. A well-organised and secure medicine storage system helps in effectively managing and administering medications while preventing unauthorised access or potential contamination.

Get ready for the new School year with our FREE checklist for teachers - simply add to your order and you will be able to download and print.

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