My Medpac Story - Helen P.


With our Medpacs we have always wanted to enable people with any medical condition to be safe in every situation life throws at them. In our news and stories section, we share various insights on how and where Medpacs come in handy. This time we would like to share a story that received us from one of you!

Helen sent us a note about her holiday experience in Madagascar and explained how her Medpac and cool pack made this journey significantly easier.

Receiving your stories is undoubtedly the most rewarding and encouraging aspect of our business and the reason why we love what we do!

“Hi Jayne,

I recently purchased a large Medpac and cool pack to take on my adventure holiday to Madagascar. As I am on injections for arthritis, I was really unsure whether I could manage such an adventurous holiday to such a poor country. My main concern was regarding storage and transport of my medication - especially since I didn't speak the local language!

Having a bright coloured medical cool bag made such a difference! It stays frozen for a long time which enabled me to travel safely long distances.

My medication is quite new, so I was instructed that there could be problems with the normal x ray machine which was my first challenge in London! Thanks to the bright orange, I could see my Medpac where it was even from further away.

The next challenge I faced were the Ethiopian and then the Madagascan authorities. Security in Africa is very different to what we are used to and seems to depend on who you are! There was a language barrier and very stern faces. Once again the official look of my bag (and possibly my determination), resulted in both items being allowed through customs.

My holiday was a tour using a variety of budget and local accommodation - again with varying degrees in understanding English!

Each day I had to explain that my cool bag has to go in a fridge and the cool pack into a freezer! Usually my cool bag ended up in the bar fridge (where there was one) and again due to the bright colour, I was able to see where it ended up.

My cool pack was more of a challenge as the word for fridge is freezier. One day it was put with the fish store in a hotel and that again added to the fun!

Me and my medication survived 2 weeks of constant travel and challenges. The holiday was truly amazing and I am so pleased to have made it.

Thank you so much for the design of this brilliant cool bag as it really helped during the challenge of lost in translation!

This journey has given me the confidence to plan my next adventure when I thought my diagnosis and injections had restricted my options.

Nepal next for me I think although a freezer may not be needed overnight in the mountains!

Please pass on my thanks to your team,

You are brilliant.

Helen P.

Aged 51 and not on the scrap heap yet !”


Thank you Helen for sharing your Medpac experience with us!

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