Celebrating 10 years of Medpac

Jayne and Jess celebrating 10 years of Medpac

10 years, well how did that happen?

When I sat down at my kitchen table all those years ago and came up with the concept of a Medpac as a safe way for my then young daughter to store and carry her emergency medicine, I could never  of dreamt that 10 years later it would be a thriving business supplying Medpacs worldwide.

Every message that I receive from a customer explaining how a Medpac has helped them in their daily life, either for themselves, a child, an elderly relative or in their school, I burst with pride, as this was always my mission - to design a product that was durable, affordable and practical and would help in everyday life.

Ironically since starting Medpac, I myself have developed anaphylaxis, so carry a Medpac myself wherever I go with my Epi-pen and Piriton, it is always reassuring to know that someone could find the medication and help me in an emergency.

So to each and every one of you that has ever bought a Medpac, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jayne x

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