At Medpac we have pledged to donate £1 to Feed Britain for every Medpac sold in February 2021.

Hunger has no place in 21st century Britain and the Feeding Britain network works with partners such as food banks and local community food organisations, politicians and companies, to make sure it becomes a thing of the past.

Over the past year, the Feeding Britain network has:

- Continued its Healthy Holidays programme which provides nutritious meals and enriching activities for more than 40,000 children and their families during school holidays, and which led to the Government introducing a national Holiday Activities and Food programme.

- Distributed 2 million meals to vulnerable people and families on low incomes since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

- Established, maintained, and supported 40 community food hubs, including its flagship Citizens’ Supermarkets, which provide affordable nutritious food and wraparound help on a regular basis for 4,000 families and individuals on low incomes.

- Created an employability programme for 45 young people in search of work.

- Provided specialist support, advice, and advocacy to 3,000 people on the brink of destitution and, in the process of this Pathways From Poverty programme, increased their annual incomes by a combined total of £500,000 while busting the limits that poverty places on people’s lives.

- Operated 6 Fuel Banks which have supported more than 20,000 unable to afford food, gas, or electricity.

To find about more and their brilliant work please visit

Meanwhile we hope you will support us at Medpac to support their great work by purchasing a Medpac this February, thank you for your generous support.

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