A Medpac Customer Story...with a difference!

"Our 13 and a half year old dog’s health had been on a steady decline for a while but then she became incontinent, lost lots of weight and we really thought the dreaded day was nearing.

Then she had the worst weekend yet, drinking constantly, weeing constantly...it didn’t look good.

With tears rolling down my face at 0520, having been out in the snow during the ‘beast from the East’ storm, with our old lady searching for water, I looked up ‘nocturnal thirst in dogs’ – DIABETES, of course!

So after numerous trips to the Vets for all the usual tests, our dog has a whole new ‘second life’, returning to the dog she was years ago, running around, barking and going for walks. She is still the leader of the pack and keeps our younger two dogs on their toes.She is the star of the show every time she attends the Vet’s. She isn’t too keen on the twice daily insulin injection though.

This has all happened over the past month.

Then I went searching for an insulated pack to transport her insulin in. Looked in all the usual places, read the reviews, it wasn’t looking good. But I am a nurse and sometimes on the ward we receive items from pharmacy in a little cool bag, with a cool block. Luckily we received one whilst I was on duty.   Surely our pharmacy would use a reputable brand...

That night I popped the brand name in the usual search engine and there Medpac was, available to the public and exactly what we needed.

We are now tied to the twice daily injections but we are not tied to the fridge and our elderly dog Lil can enjoy her twilight years still being able to travel with us.

Thank you very much for your wonderful product, it seems like such a small thing but the impact it has is enormous in allowing people, and dogs freedom to continue travelling.

Lil has now done a long journey with her Medpac, with no problem at all. It has definitely made a difference to our lives as we can make longer trips with her insulin safely transported.

We are now hoping she will be able to travel to France with us later in the year using her Medpac. Quite a change from the situation just 6 weeks ago!

Thanks again for providing us, very speedily, the exact product we needed.


The Gloaguen family - and especially Lil the dog!"

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